Korean Embassy

Korean Embassy

Project details

JAIA Architects has been privileged to take this opportunity to work with South Korean government on this full-scale remodelling project for Korean Embassy in London. The existing building had been an extreme case of outdated office environment from the age of it endured over the last 25 years since Korean Embassy purchased and refurbished the property 60 Buckingham Gate. JAIA Architects has been commissioned to transform the building with newly equipped modern office environment over phases. Phase 1 was for consular service and conference and Phase 2 was for typical floors including Ambassador’s compound.

Following successful completion of phase 1 in 2018, Phase 2 has been completed in 2019. JAIA Architects has been praised by the client and team for the achievement of quality and commitment to the project over the last 3 years including Phase 1. The proposed external changes have been dropped for budget issue, but JAIA Architects hope to see the changes to be implemented in Phase 3.

Now all the construction has successfully been completed, the Korean Embassy proudly presents an improved consular area for the visitors, whilst workers relish the enhanced office spaces and utility services. The gem of the refurbishment is the Ambassador’s meeting room, where traditional Korean culture is highlighted in the interior design.