Haven Green Baptist Church

Haven Green Baptist Church

Project details

The Haven Green Baptist Church trust appointed JAIA Architects to upgrade the 137-year-old church building in the Haven Green Conservation Area in Ealing Broadway. A comprehensive upgrade plan, including the entrance and extra ancillary facilities with a subtly modern contrast to the historic surroundings, was proposed by JAIA Architects in close collaboration with the church communities.

The first phase of the overall restoration plan entails the construction of a new office and a welcome reception area with a curtain wall. JAIA has successfully created roomy greeting area from the previous cramped entrance by removing a storeroom and an unnecessary internal staircase to a basement.

While retaining the engraved lintel stone, the newly proposed roof and canopy to envelope the reception area were structurally challenging works. This flawless transformation was achieved with the help of meticulously fine-tuned detail in the steel works, curtain wall, and joinery.

The new elevation has been significantly improved with a new aluminium canopy with modest lighting to showcase the modern quality, which successfully welcomes visitors with warmth and does not clash too much with the existing architectural setting.

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